Peer Review Process

NBR’s peer-review process consists of the following steps:

  1. Authors submit their manuscripts through NBR Manuscript Editorial (
  2. Editor-in-Chief or two members of the editorial board determine whether the manuscript fits well with the scope of the NBR. If so, the manuscript will be submitted to at least 2 reviewers (subject matter experts) for comment. NBR employs a double-blind peer review process where both reviewers and authors do not know each other. If the editorial team believes that the manuscript does not fit the scope, a rejection email will be sent to the authors within 2 weeks.
  3. Once the feedback is received, the Editor-in-Chief compiles all comments. After a discussion with the main editorial team (Assistant Editor, Associate Editor), the Editor-in-Chief submits all comments to the authors with a decision (minor, major, or reject). In case of no clear decision (for example, 1 accept, 1 reject), the Managing Editor decides to submit the paper to another (3rd) reviewer.
  4. Once a revision is received from the authors, the managing editor forwards the revised manuscript and compliance report to the reviewers for their feedback. The process continues until the referees are satisfied.
  5. The final manuscript will be submitted to the production team for formatting in accordance with the guidelines.
  6. The production team contacts authors to check the final proof before publishing it online. The process will continue until all issues/corrections are addressed.
  7. The production team will then upload and publish the article and officially notify the authors.